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Cyberpunk 2077: CD Projekt warns us from a leak of outdated information

CD Projekt RED has published today a heartfelt appeal: some individuals have come into possession of confidential documents of the study, among which are some of blueprints of Cyberpunk 2077 . These people have contacted the firm, threatening to publicly release the documents if it is not paid a ransom.

The leaders of the study explain not having no intention of yielding to the blackmail, then it is possible that sooner or later these documents become public knowledge. CD Projekt RED explains that it is very old documents and not representative of the current view that the team for the game, so I suggest to ignore them pending official information, which will be released at the right time.

If these documents were leaked, not find them anyway because here on MondoPlay would seem us MondoXbox very incorrect publish information to blackmail and we don't want to make the game of criminals like these. Obviously come back though for all official information, and, of course, rumor and leak otherwise on this highly anticipated RPG!