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South Park: Clashes-Righteous arrives in October and presents the Vigilante no Vater

After several postponements, Ubisoft has finally announced today the new release date of South Park: Clashes-Righteous , who turns out to be farther away than expected: the game will arrive in fact on 17 October , almost a year later than initially announced.

The Publisher also announced that, in addition to the ability to get South Park: the stick of truth , who out play will also get an exclusive Assistant for our adventures, to dry . Ubisoft he describes it thus: " the streets of South Park are not safer as it once was and even the most experienced veteran of the series might need help in some districts of the city. Dry: your Playmate will offer its assistance to players in some particular scenarios. "

The announcement is accompanied by a new trailer that shows us the adventures of one of the masked heroes we will encounter in the game: the Vigilante no Vater! Hold your noses and see it: enjoy!

MX Video - South Park: Scontri Di-Retti