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The Surge: Deck13 tells the backstory on the development of the game

Focus Home interactive and Deck13 have today released a video focusing on the gameplay and the story of the science fiction action-RPG The Surge that reveals the ins and outs of game development. In the movie the development team describes the origins of the story, giving us an overview of the events of The Surge and focuses on explaining the details of the fighting.

The latter in particular is described in detail and the development team explains the different approaches you can use the player to face the enemy: you can in fact do the game through fights fast, slow or the player himself will face the enemy by choosing the right way to deal with it, through horizontal or vertical combo or locate the part vulnerable to hit.

You can also decide to cut off some parts of the body of the enemy and integrate them into their equipment. The development team is looking forward to seeing once released the game as players work the enemy as the system itself has an amazing selection of combo available.

We leave you now to this video and we remind you that The Surge will be available from next May 16 . Good vision!

MX Video - The Surge