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343 admits problems in the history of Halo 5, in future more focus on Master Chief

343 Industries is celebrating the 10 years since the Foundation of the study when it was opened from Microsoft in 2007; for the occasion the British magazine GamesTM has published a long interview with staff members, and among other things shows an interesting statement by Franchise Director Frank O'Connor on Halo 5: Guardians and the future of the series.

Frankie explains that players have criticized the narrative of Halo 5: Guardians because of the introduction of new characters of little interest and less focus on the same Master Chief. It is something that we ourselves had pointed out in our review , and O'Connor admits that it is a deserved criticism.

The Franchise Director explains that 343 has learned from Halo 5 that fans are emotionally tied to the Master Chief, and who want to live the stories centered mostly around him rather than to other characters. For this reason the next title in the series and later, O'Connor promises more attention to this issue by explaining that the studio will focus on delivering a more realistic world and satisfy players who want to play as Master Chief, rather than expand the cast of playable characters. It's already the end of duality Master Chief/Locke?

As far as we are concerned, however, we do not believe that the problem of Halo 5: Guardians was the introduction of new characters, but its anonymity and flatness. In Halo 2 , the introduction of the Arbiter as a playable character was received very positively by the players and because it had a deep and very interesting story behind it, and because it introduced in fact fighting other than those that we could live in the role of Master Chief. Locke, on the other hand, has a history as interesting and play in his shoes was not unlike the play as Master Chief, while flattening the character.

We just have to wait for the first news about Halo 6 , which will probably only in 2018 even though we might expect a teaser trailer already at this E3, to discover what 343 Industries.