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The Open Beta will begin on 31 August 1 Battlefield

To coincide with the release of the spectacular new trailer of Battlefield 1 , EA announced that the game's Open Beta will start for all on August 31, while the Battlefield Insider who have registered via this page will test it beforehand. The Beta will allow us to try two modes, conquest and rush, and map of the Sinai desert: here are the details.

The Open Beta will begin on 31 August 1 Battlefield

Get ready: the Open Battlefield Beta 1 will begin on 31 August for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Origin for PC.

Are you ready to jump into action, at the dawn of total war? It's just: the Open Beta will begin on August 31 Battlefield 1 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Origin for PC.

The Battlefield Insider can benefit from an access by registering before August 21, you'll be one of them, proving the world premiere of the Open Beta of Battlefield 1 . If you are already registered, go to the page of Battlefield Insider and select your preferred platform , otherwise you won't get any code to the game early.

The Open Beta of Battlefield 1 will be based on the map the Sinai desert, a fiery battleground located east of El-Jifar. Fight sudden skirmishes in the narrow streets of the village of Bir el Mazar or dogfights over the majestic slopes of the region and learn to leverage the dunes to your advantage during fights. Then, when all hope seems lost, you'll receive a powerful Behemoth as reinforcement: a deadly armoured train will reach clanked through the desert sands.

You will have two modes:

  • Conquest. Conquest, one of the preferred ways by players of Battlefield , is a large scale mode, where up to 64 players clash for control of key objectives. With large infantry forces, many vehicles and the addition of the terrible Behemoth, Conquest offers all the characteristic elements of the total war Battlefield .
  • Race. 24 players mode, where the assailants must find and destroy the defenders ' Telegraph stations, which can be used by the latter to request artillery attacks. Defenders can prevent attackers from reaching their goal by disarming the explosives planted on the Telegraph stations. If these are destroyed, the defenders must fold in the adjacent field, trying to protect its telegraphs.

Prepare your team, because on August 31 you will discover the war on an epic scale with Battlefield 1 .