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IMC Rising is available for Xbox 360, Respwan prove today the eighth game update

At A distance of less than a month from release on Xbox One , the IMC maps package Rising by Titanfall is now available for purchase for Xbox 360. The add on, proposed at a price of $ 9.99, will play on the three new maps, Area 18 dead calm and the sand Trap, instead, available at no extra cost for those who already have the Season Pass . Follow this link to purchase the content (by weight of 603.78 MB) in question from the web or click the page relative to it via your Xbox 360.

In addition, Respwan Enterntainment announced through the official Facebook page of the game today at Italian 18:00 will reveal the eighth update of the game in streaming via Twitch , which, according to the development team, will be the " biggest upgrade ever made " for the game. This intrigues us definitely: we will communicate all details tonight, stay tuned!