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[AGG]A new chance to get into the Beta of Dash

Yesterday we provided a link to sign up to the beta program of the Xbox 360 Dashboard, but MS has quickly closed entries by cutting out many users: Please be advised that now have been reopened with a dedicated link specifically French and Italian users, to allow them to test the new features of voice search with Kinect. If you want to try to register, you do not have to do is go to this page and fill in the questionnaire in English.

Update : once you have registered, to activate the beta you will need to create a code that will allow you to download the app to your recording console. From the home Beta poker software again , once you log in with your account left click on "Product keys" and then generating a new code, you will need to redeem in the console. Once you download the app perform it, confirmed to various questions which will be made and this will register your console in the Beta program. The fact that you won't have to wait: within 1-2 days you will be upgrading. You can find detailed instructions in this page .