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New details on the Social Club LANoire

Rockstar has released new details about the features of Social Club LA Noire. joining the Rockstar Social Club, an option reserved only for adults, you can get extras to use in the game as a special dress to wear to the protagonist of Title Cole Phelps and the Chicago Lightning Suit that will serve to greatly increase the accuracy when they will use machine guns and rifles.

In addition there will be granted during an interrogation, to use an option called "Ask the Community" that will show us as players around the world have solved that situation (of course only available when connected online). We may follow the same path or find other solutions on how to proceed in the interrogation. Rockstar clarifies, however, that using this feature the player will be deprived of the so-called "points intuition, a kind of currency of the game that we have in limited quantities beginning. Via the Social Club we will also see a number of goals to complete the game 100%, look at our stats, unlock all that you continue your adventure and see a list of what we collect during the resolution of cases.