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SYNDUALITY Echo of Ada: a new trailer shows us characters and gameplay

Bandai Namco has released today a new trailer of SYNDUALITY: Echo of Ada that introduces us to the setting and history of the game with its main characters, also showing us some gameplay sequences.

In SYNDUALITY: Echo of Ada, humanity returned to the surface when Amasia's world was suddenly destroyed. The game will see us dress up as a Drifter piloting a Coffin, an armed vehicle designed to ensure survival in the dangerous terrestrial environment. After a first investigative team goes missing, we and our Magus, an AI-powered comrade, will be sent to the remains of Amasia to find the missing team and discover the role of another Drifter, Alba, and his Magus, Ada, in the collapse of the city.

The game is still undated, but we know that it will be released exclusively on next-generation platforms. We leave you to the trailer: good vision.

MX Video - SYNDUALITY: Echo of Ada