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Greenberg on Xbox Showcase: no CGI-only trailer for First Parties and more info

A week after the Xbox Games Showcase & Starfield Direct, the highly anticipated event that will take place on Sunday 11 at 19:00, with a series of tweets the head of the Xbox Marketing division Aaron Greenberg wanted to clarify the content and duration of the event.

First, Aaron explained that at the event no First Party games (i.e. those published by Microsoft, either developed internally or through third-party developers, such as Contraband), will be shown with trailers completely in computer graphics (CGI). The titles of the Xbox Games Studios will all be in-engine or in-game, with the presence or absence of cinematic sequences (which, we add, could also be in CGI, but would not constitute the entire trailer). And each trailer will have a clear indication of the type of graphics shown, so that viewers have a clear idea of what they are watching.

Obviously this does not mean that it will only be upcoming games, and in fact the manager explains it clearly: not only games scheduled in the next 12 months will be shown, something that was announced at last year's event and then disregarded due to a series of postponements. We also remind you that while in-game trailers can actually give us an idea of the final game, in-engine trailers may just be concepts based on the game's engine, but then the final games may turn out to be different. Suffice it to recall the in-engine trailer of the Slipspace Engine, which turned out to be very different from the graphics seen in Halo Infinite. It's also possible that there will be third-party games with CGI trailers, as Aaron only talks specifically about First Party titles.

In addition to this, Greenberg explained that the event (including the Starfield demonstration) will last a total of about two hours, so from 19:00 to 21:00, and that there will be no movie or TV series trailers. Xbox studios have several productions of this type in development, from the new season of Halo to the Fallout TV series to the Minecraft movie, but this will not be the place to have updates on these productions.