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Quantum Break is coming out of Game Pass soon; IP transfer or expired licenses?

Here's unexpected news: the Game Pass app was updated today signaling the upcoming release, for now undated, of the adventure Remedy Quantum Break. Unexpected because the game was produced and published by Microsoft as a First Party title (or, if you prefer the unofficial nomenclature, second party) in 2016, and the IP is owned by the Redmond house.

Normally Microsoft titles don't come out of the Pass, although there have been excellent exceptions like Forza Motorsport; This could then suggest two possible scenarios/reasons for the exit of the game from the online service.

The first is related to the expiration of music licenses: Quantum Break contained several licensed songs, and it is possible that, as happened with the Forza series, Microsoft did not want to renew them seeing itself thus forced to remove the game from the Store (and not only from the Pass, therefore). If this is the scenario, then when the game leaves the service we will also see it disappear from the Store and will no longer be purchasable.

The second scenario could be similar to what happened with Alan Wake: Remedy is no longer interested in developing titles owned by others, because it wants to own the IPs it makes. So there would have been no possibility of evolution of the QB series if it had remained owned by Microsoft, and therefore the azenda returned it to the Finnish studio as already done with Alan Wake in the past. If so, it would mean that there is good news for the making of a sequel to Quantum Break!

As soon as you know more about the reasons for the release of the game from the Pass we will inform you, in the meantime, however, if you want to keep it in the collection, we advise you to recover it digitally or in physical edition.