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The sim-management Anno 1800 arrives today on Xbox Series X|S, it's free for a week

Ubisoft reminds us that today the historical management Anno 1800: Console Edition finally arrives on Xbox Series X|S, thus allowing all lovers of "sim" style games to immerse themselves in the evocative atmosphere of the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution.

But that's not all: the house French has announced that from today until March 23 the game will be accessible for free to all console players, so as to allow us to evaluate its qualities in view of a possible purchase.

Developed by Ubisoft Mainz, Anno 1800: Console Edition is a strategy and city-building game that gives players the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership skills: build gigantic metropolises, create efficient and profitable logistics networks, colonize a new exotic continent, organize expeditions to the four corners of the globe and dominate opponents at the diplomatic level, commercial or military. The console edition of Anno 1800 will offer a complete and updated Anno experience, with a completely redesigned user interface and controls, thanks to next-generation consoles.

The announcement is accompanied by a launch trailer and a video-tutorial that introduces us to the gameplay. Here they are below.

MX Video - Anno 1800: Console Edition