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Exoprimal arrives in July and enters the Game Pass at launch; trailer and Open Beta

Capcom announced today that the team-based online action game Exoprimal, which will see us battle hordes of dinosaurs while wearing futuristic battle armor, will arrive on July 14 and will be in Game Pass at launch.

The Japanese studio has also revealed that from 17 to 19 March we will be able to try the title in advance thanks to an Open Beta period: an excellent opportunity to get a clearer idea of the game.

The announcement is accompanied by new official information and a trailer of the game: here is everything below.

Exoprimal is a team-based online action game that pits cutting-edge technology from humanity's exodes against the fiercest beasts in history: dinosaurs. Exosuits are grouped into different roles, and players pilot them to withstand overwhelming swarms of dinosaurs in team-based action gameplay, online-only.


The year is 2040... Sudden epidemics of dinosaurs have engulfed the world in a crisis that threatens the very existence of humanity.

But not all hope is lost. The company Aibius has developed a hyper-advanced artificial intelligence, called Leviathan, that can predict the location of future epidemics.

This technology, together with Aibius' revolutionary motorized suits, or exosuits, offers humanity a chance to stem the tide of saurian swarms.

Exosuit pilots, otherwise known as exofighters, are in high demand.

Take the exofighter aptitude test and join the ranks of the heroic pilots of Aibius in their fight to prevent the extinction of the human race.


Exosuits are state-of-the-art enhanced suits developed to combat the threat of dinosaurs. Based on their range of abilities, exosuits are mainly classified into one of three roles: assault, tank, and support.

Exofighters can change suits at any time, even during battle, by changing suits. Take advantage of this flexibility to change your team's composition on the fly and accomplish your goals.


  • Assault- Assault suits focus on inflicting damage on enemies with close-up, medium, or long-range attacks. Although the exact loads differ, each assault exosuit is equipped with weapons and abilities adapted to its actual range. Use the best weapon for the situation and eradicate everything that stands in your way.
  • Tanks - Exosuit Tanks specialize in protecting allies by attracting enemy attacks and absorbing damage. Whether it's holding back a massive horde or stopping relentless attacks from dinosaurs, exosuit tanks will form your team's first line of defense.
  • Support - Support exosuits use a range of skills to ensure the survival of the team. Although the ability to repair allied exosuits is the most common, support exosuits also come with a number of enhancement and debuff abilities. Support exosuits use these abilities to improve the team's effectiveness in combat and achieve objectives faster.


Equipment is additional piece of equipment for exosuites. Equipment gives the exosuites additional abilities, but only one can be equipped at a time.

For example, the Zephyr exosuit excels in close combat, but has difficulty with enemies attacking from a distance. By equipping it with Cannon equipment, Zephyr can use a long-range laser.

Or, equip Roadblocks with Aid equipment to provide care and create a formidable first line of defense.

Players can experiment with different combinations of equipment and exoskeletons to find their ideal playstyle.

Both rigs and exosuits can be changed at any time.

Dino Survival

In Dino Survival, two teams of five compete to complete objectives. Teams must follow Leviathan's directives and complete the mission before opponents to win.

Some situations pit players against each other in direct combat, while others require players to team up with their rivals to take down an important enemy.

In Dino Survival, missions change based on the progression of players in the game. The experience will be different at each game, even in those where the environment and objectives are already known.

Players can unlock story sequences by playing Dino Survival and earn rewards such as experience points to increase player and exosuit levels.


Dinosaurs, once the most fearsome and powerful creatures in the animal kingdom, are no longer history.

However, spacetime travel through vortices mutated these beasts and increased their ferocity to levels never seen before.

To cope with this crisis, humanity must rely on ingenuity and its most powerful weapons, exotic suits.


Neosaurs are mutated dinosaurs with unusual appearance and abilities.

Dinosaurs are imbued with highly unstable energy when they cross the vortex barrier after crossing spacetime.

This energy is responsible for the ferocious transformation that many dinosaurs undergo.

Neosaurs possess an extremely high concentration of this energy, which gives them unusual appearances, abilities and attacks.

MX Video - Exoprimal