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Diablo IV: Blizzard gives us a tour of the world of Sanctuary

Blizzard today released the first of a series of movies dedicated to Diablo IV that will show us different aspects of the game and development: the video is dedicated to the world of Sanctuary, highlighting a wide range of features and inspirations that make it worth exploring.

Members of the Diablo IV development team discuss how players can jump into an immersive experience and how they created the darkest and most expanded version of Sanctuary in the series.

Here it is, along with some information provided by the publisher:


  • Diablo IV's art style is dark and macabre, in many ways reminiscent of Diablo II's creepy atmosphere. There are five unique zones, each with its own gloomy environments and themed expeditions combined. An artistic goal was to make sure that each scene looked like a painting, so every color and texture was meticulously chosen to achieve the gloomy design result.
  • Every monster in the Sanctuary version of Diablo IV has been carefully crafted to be the darkest and most horrifying version of itself ever seen. Players will make their way into the world mowing down all kinds of creatures, old and new, as well as interacting with other typical beasts that would be possible to meet naturally in each area.
  • There's plenty to do in Sanctuary, from battling hordes of enemies and protecting refuge villages, to completing side quests and conquering expeditions. Players will be able to travel non-stop between zones, discovering in depth all the content that the explorable world has to offer.
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