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Amnesia: The Bunker arrives in May

Sweden's Frictional Games announced today that the next installment in their terrifying horror series, Amnesia: The Bunker, will arrive on May 16. Set during the First World War, the game will see us play as Henri Clement, a French soldier who is abandoned by his battalion and finds himself trapped in an abandoned military bunker.

Henri is not alone, however: a deadly creature roams the corridors, hunting for his next meal. As Henri, we'll have to traverse the dark and twisted maze of the bunker, using all our skills and resources to outsmart the beast. But the creature is not the only obstacle we will have to face: the bunker is a maze full of curves, traps and other dangers that threaten to end our lives at every corner.

Over the course of the game, we will experience the intense psychological horror of Henri's situation and learn about the character as he faces his fears and turns them into conviction and hope. The game is a story of survival and the will to live, even in the most difficult circumstances.

Game features:

  • Player freedom of choice, creating an emerging gaming experience in a survival horror sandbox setting
  • Unscripted environment, where objects, threats, and resources change with each game
  • Adaptive horrible threats, an ever-present creepy creature that haunts the player
  • Tactile immersion, brand new levels of interaction with the world through puzzle solving and tool manipulation
  • Engaging and terrifying tale, to experience hell on earth in a fictitious and frightening story
  • Immersive atmosphere and tension, enhanced lighting effects and carefully crafted sound effects for a truly horror experience.