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Far Cry 6 takes us into a distorted and psychedelic reality with the expansion Lost Between Worlds

Ubisoft announced today the next expansion of Far Cry 6: Lost Between Worlds will arrive on December 6 at a price of 19.99 euros or included in the Upgrade Pass of the title, immersing us in a crazy reality straddling the worlds in which we will have to overcome a series of tests. Here is the official information and the announcement trailer.

In Far Cry 6: Lost Between Worlds, you'll begin an exciting new chapter in Dani Rojas' story, set in a fragmented version of Yara. After exploring a mysterious meteorite impact site, Dani finds herself in a twisted space between worlds, accompanied by a non-corporeal life form named Fai. You'll have to repair Fai's spaceship by collecting five lost fragments, each of which will increase Dani's overall survival stats, bringing him one step closer to escape.

To recover the missing fragments, you will have to rely on your guerrilla skills to overcome 15 challenging and intense tests called Rift, where you will have to defeat the Shardfaces, humanoid enemies and crystalline animals, lurking around every corner. Each Rift has its own characteristics, such as the shattered Fortress suspended in the sky and the underwater Esperanza full of deadly traps; You will encounter different dangers and otherworldly obstacles. You can choose how to face each Rift and you'll discover powerful weapons and tools along the way, collecting energy fragments scattered around the area, allowing you to be reborn and try a Rift again if necessary. With multiple branching paths, platforming exploration, and intense action, you'll have a unique experience with every attempt, learning to master this twisted world.

Upon completion of the mission, you'll receive Fai's powerful equipment and can return him to Yara to gain an ethereal advantage in the ongoing fight against the regime.

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