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EA reveals Wild Hearts by Koei Tecmo and Omega Force, arrives in February

As promised, EA today revealed the new "Hunter-like" project in development at Koei Tecmo, and more precisely at the Omega Force studio, Wild Hearts. The game was shown in a spectacular video showing beautiful oriental landscapes and intense fights against huge monsters, while the player (or players, 3-way co-op is supported) places structures to help themselves in the battle.

The game is scheduled for February 17, sooner than you might think, only on next-generation hardware and complete with Italian dubbing. The game takes players on an epic adventure set in a fictional feudal Japan. There, they will fight against gigantic animals immersed in nature called Kemono with the help of the Karakuri, sophisticated mechanisms made with an ancient lost technology.

The action takes place in Azuma, a fantasy landscape inspired by feudal Japan, which is now haunted by the once peaceful Kemonos, who alter the environment at the cost of citizens' lives. Kemonos are animals ranging from squirrels immersed in plants to the large Kingtusk boar. After a terrible clash with the winter wolf Deathstalker, players become carriers of survival technology and are forced to restore balance throughout the region.

Players will travel through Azuma as lone wolves or as a group of hunters with up to two friends thanks to the game's co-op and crossplay features, across all platforms. Players can expand their battle plans and embark on special missions while hunting in packs, join other hunters in the world or take on Kemono alone.

Here is the announcement trailer and a set of images.

MX Video - Wild Hearts