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Nexon reveals F2P co-op shooter The First Descendant

The Korean studio Nexon has revealed with a trailer and some images The First Descendant, free-to-play third-person cooperative shooter formerly known as Project Magnum. The game is developed on Unreal Engine 3 and will arrive on old and new generation consoles after a period of Beta on PC.

We leave you below the official information about the game, followed by trailers and images.

The First Descendant is a free third-person co-op RPG shooter, with high-quality graphics. Experience the fun of strategic boss fights through 4-player co-op and various unique characters, thrilling shootouts and looting. To grow you need a variety of equipment that can be obtained by completing scenario missions or World Missions, where cooperation is essential to overcome battles with huge bosses.

The player plays a Descendant, and is entrusted with the mission of fighting against the invaders for the survival of humans and to protect the Ingris continent. He will live a spectacular story becoming stronger and stronger through various missions and stories, to finally discover the secret of the Descendants. You can also feel the unique atmosphere of The First Descendant through high-quality settings developed with the Unreal Engine 5.

  • Fascinating and Unique Characters - You can impersonate different characters with distinctive designs and fighting styles. We plan to add various customizable elements, such as skins for each character, to facilitate customization.
  • Exciting battles and dynamic action with different skills and firearms - Experience the exciting battles of The First Descendant, composed of various characters with unique skill sets, free movements and chain actions thanks to grappling hooks, varied firearms and side effects. Thanks to these elements, the player can create any style of battle he wants.
  • Battles with huge boss monsters through cooperative play - You can face huge boss monsters with different appearances and abilities through 4-player cooperative play. The various difficulties will stimulate your competitive spirit and you can destroy or extract various parts of the huge bosses through the 4-player cooperative game.
  • Motivating Gameplay and Growth - You can equip a character with 3 weapons, 4 secondary equipment and various secondary weapons. Of course, there will also be items that will improve the statistics of the character or his firearms or add a new skill. A variety of equipment will be needed for growth, and can be obtained through passing scenario missions within the game, or in world missions where cooperation is paramount and battles with huge bosses.
MX Video - The First Descendant