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Microsoft starts testing the Game Pass Family for 5 people, here is the cost (and the savings!)

After the rumor at the end of March, we expected that at the June Showcase Microsoft would announce the Xbox Game Pass Family Plan, the program of sharing a single subscription between 5 family members. However, this did not happen by silencing the rumor, at least until today, when Microsoft began to test it by surprise at the Insider members of Ireland and Colombia.

We discover that this special "family subscription" (but not only, as we will see shortly) really exists, and the details coming from the test reveal that it is also an extremely convenient offer.

Meanwhile, let's see how it works. It's very simple: once you have purchased this subscription (which extends the benefits of Game Pass Ultimate), just go to the "family management" page of your Microsoft account and add up to 4 Microsoft accounts (for a total of 5 including your own) that you want to benefit from the Game Pass. Once this is done, accounts will be able to log in on Xbox or PC and enjoy all the benefits of the Ultimate subscription as if they had subscribed directly.

So with a single subscription, 5 people (which can become 6, since the main owner of the subscription can also make an additional sharing with the Xbox Home system, as is already possible today) can take advantage of the Game Pass Ultimate and all its advantages, Cloud Gaming included.

But how much does it cost? We do not know if it is the final price, but in current tests the subscription costs 21.99 Euros per month. If you consider that the Ultimate Game Pass costs 12.99 Euros per month, it is easy to understand how convenient this offer is: dividing the cost by the 5 people who use it, we arrive at about 4.4 Euros per person, which drops further if you get to 6 people with the Xbox Home system.

And it is not necessary that the "family members" are actually relatives or even that they live in the same house: the only limitation placed by the subscription is that they reside in the same nation. So, if the costs and limitations remain the current ones, 5 friends or family will be able to make a Game Pass subscription by paying less than 5 Euros per month each. As we said just above, extremely convenient.

We just have to wait for the official announcement of Microsoft, hoping that the costs remain these: we will keep you informed!