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Neill Blomkamp's studio announces narrative battle royale Off The Grid

It had been known for a while that Neill Blomkamp, the South African director of cult titles such as District 8 and Chappie, had founded the mysterious development studio Gunzilla Games, and today we discover their first project: the third-person cyberpunk battle royale Off The Grid, which the director himself describes as a new concept of the genre, based on a strong narrative component designed to keep players coming back to the arena.

In Off The Grid 150 players will fight each other while conducting PvE story missions, on the same map where everyone else is fighting. Players will have the freedom to control the course of the story, and every decision made will have a direct impact on everyone's gameplay. At the heart of the experience and deep narrative structure will be the unique way players can create, customize and exchange their in-game items with each other.

In short, a very interesting concept, which we will have to see in action to be able to understand it better. The game is in development for PC and next-generation consoles, with release scheduled for 2023: waiting to learn more, here is the announcement trailer.

MX Video - Off The Grid