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Loot River: Souls meets Tetris, on Game Pass from May 3

Slovenian studio has announced that their roguelike action game Loot River will arrive on Xbox and Xbox Game Pass on May 3. The game, characterized by pixel art graphics with a view from above, rests on a decidedly original concept: souls-like combat combined with a Tetris tile system.

Here is the official description of the game, followed by a trailer that shows us the gameplay and a set of images.

Explore procedural mazes in an action roguelike dungeon crawler that combines real-time clashes with moving blocks. Traverse ancient ruins, face unclean abominations, collect items, explore, level up, plan, cast powerful spells, die and be reborn... elsewhere.

Shape the world
Set in a series of procedural labyrinths, Loot River is an action roguelike dungeon crawler that combines real-time combat and gloomy fantasy setting with moving blocks.

Defeat unclean abominations
Wielding the power of the Relic, players can modify the terrain and interlock various floating ruins together to solve puzzles. On the journey through endless catacombs you will come across ferocious beasts, lost adventurers and fearsome bosses. These astral caves are rich in weapons and equipment, and hide forbidden artifacts that can guarantee permanent upgrades.


  • Scroll through pre-existing ruins to defeat enemies
  • Create a route through ancient abandoned fortresses
  • Face monstrous creatures from alternate realities and interact with other lost nomads
  • After each death you will wake up in a parallel universe, to face settings that are familiar, but also profoundly different
  • Defeat enemies your way. Unlock a variety of items, abilities, and weapons, each with different appearance, nimations, powers, and styles
  • Accumulate knowledge and experience, level up and annihilate relentless bosses
  • Get involved in hand-crafted pixel art with fluid animations, real-time 3D shadows, and stunning water representation
MX Video - Loot River