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Square Enix announces Kingdom Hearts IV, begins a new storyline for Sora

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the series, Square Enix today announced the development of Kingdom Hearts IV, a new episode of the action-RPG series in which we see the return of Sora and the Disney characters in a new storyline entitled "Lost Master Arc".

The announcement is accompanied by a first trailer of the game in which Sora faces a boss battle against a giant enemy, inside the Quadratum, a huge open city set in a spectacular and realistic world, unlike anything ever before in the Japanese series.

For now we have no other information on the game, nor do we know if it is produced only for the new consoles or even for those of the old generation: we await news about it, in the meantime we leave you to the trailer and a set of images of the game.

MX Video - Kingdom Hearts IV