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Exoprimal: Capcom unleashes a futuristic war against dinosaurs

Capcom today announced the development of Exoprimal, a new online-only action game that sees us face off against our friends hordes of dinosaurs inside futuristic armor. Coming in the course of next year, the game immerses us in 2040, when thousands of dinosaurs are starting to appear out of nowhere devastating cities around the world.

Threatened by the deadliest creatures in history, the world turns to the powerful Aibius Corporation and its revolutionary technology for help. The company's next-generation AI, Leviathan, can predict where dinosaur outbreaks will occur to deploy Exofighters in the area. Equipped with state-of-the-art mechanized combat armor known as Exosuits, these warriors represent the last hope for humanity.

Exoprimal paves the way for a new multiplayer experience rooted in co-op, but with a competitive element. In the game's main mode, Dino Survival, teams fight for salvation against countless dinosaurs as they compete to complete missions before rival teams in 5v5 matches. A dynamic mix of objectives keeps players on guard and ensures that each game is different from the last one. The Exofighters will have to stay alert as the hunt turns into valuable deliveries of goods or last and desperate resistance against relentless assaults. Opposing teams also have the opportunity to face their rivals head-on and hinder their progress.

Although Exoprimal is exclusively focused on multiplayer, a story weaves throughout the game. Players can sink their teeth into the rich history of the world and the different characters by unlocking new plot threads and putting together the pieces behind the mystery of the dinosaur epidemics.

Exofighters are always outnumbered and must work together to overcome crushing difficulties. Their Exosuits come in a number of classes, each with a distinct role in combat. Assault models such as the Deadeye sharpshooter and the melee oriented Zephyr excel at taking down enemy swarms. Meanwhile, tanks like the Roadblock with shield and support types like the vital Witchdoctor help keep everyone alive to fight once again. Each model is equipped with a unique armory and special abilities. Players can also switch from one suit to another on the fly to overcome any situation, no matter how terrible.

We leave you to the announcement trailer and a set of images.

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