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OlliOlli World arrives in February, new trailer

Private Division and Roll7 announced today that the colorful skating title OlliOlli World finally has a release date:February 8th. The game follows the adventures of a group of picturesque characters through the lively world of Radlandia, including flip, flow, pop and grind, in search of the mystical gods of skateboarding on their way to the Gnarvana.

With a beautifully animated 2.5D graphic style, smooth gameplay, challenging side missions and multiple routes to travel, OlliOlli World is an essential adventure for every skateboard and platformer enthusiast.

In addition to the exciting single-player mode, OlliOlli World also includes two asynchronous multiplayer modes: Lega del Gnarvana and Portale del Gnarvana. The Gnarvana League allows players to compete against their peers and compete for the best score, as well as win new aesthetic items for characters as they progress. The Gnarvana Portal,on the other hand, allows players to generate procedural levels based on a range of parameters, including style, difficulty and length. Each creation provides a unique code to share with the world, which will allow players to challenge each other, even on different gaming platforms.

It has also been announced that the game will receive two expansions after launch: the first, Skater of the Void,will arrive in the summer of 2022 offering a new biome and new levels, characters, game functions and customization items; the second is scheduled for autumn 2022. More details on both expansions will be published in the future.

We leave you with a new trailer of the game that illustrates the gameplay; you can find it below.

MX Video - OlliOlli World