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Elden Ring: the trailer of the TGA in Italian version

After tonight Bandai Namco revealed the new trailer of Elden Ring dedicated to the history of the game, we now show you the same movie but in the version completely dubbed in Italian,so as to allow you to better understand what is said.

Elden Ring is the new action-RPG made by From Software(Dark Souls, Sekiro)and Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin, and will see us relive The Disintegration,a war brought from darkness tothe Interregnum and started by power-hungry demigods. In the game we will fight as the Lightless with General Radahn and Malenia the Severed, two unbeatable warriors who despite their strength could not reunite such a severely destroyed world. Only one hope remained: the hope that a new Ancestral Lord could rise up and tear off the veil of darkness that has fallen on Marika's domains.

We leave you to the trailer and a set of new images, reminding you that the game is expected for February 25th. Have a good vision!

MX Video - Elden Ring