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Star-Lord and companions fight in the Guardians of the Galaxy TV Commercial

Ahead of the launch of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy,scheduled for October 26, Square Enix has prepared a commercial that will air on TELEVISION channels to advertise the title. The publisher shows us a preview of it today, also highlighting a central mechanic in the game: the gathering.

The mechanics of the gathering will be fundamental to survive the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that we will encounter during this crazy journey through the cosmos. During the fight, in fact, it will be possible to call a gathering and choose the best speech to motivate our comrades. By choosing correctly we will give a bonus to all the Guardians, which will help us to bang the heads of enemies to the rhythm of one of the 30 songs of the soundtrack.

We leave you to the TV Spot, good vision!

MX Video - Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy