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Rumor: new details on Avowed, Obsidian's Xbox-exclusive fantasy RPG

It's been more than a year since Microsoft and Obsidian revealed Avowed,the new first-person fantasy RPG set in the Pillars of Eternityuniverse, stunning us with a fascinating CGI trailer. Since then nothing has been known about the title, but thanks to rumors collected by Jez Corden of Windows Central,today we can begin to penetrate the fog that surrounds the title.

Corden explains that he had access to a series of information about the title and unripe images, explaining that the game is currently in advanced pre-production and that soon the developers should be able to have a first playable version of the title. The journalist ventures that the first gameplay of the title could be shown atE3 2022, while in a tweet separate from the article he suggests that the launch could take place by the end of 2023.

Coming to the details about the game, in Corden's reportage often emerges the name The Outer Worlds, this is because not only, as for the future The Outer Worlds 2, Avowed is based on an improved version of the engine of the latest OBSidian RPG, but also because it will remember it for graphic and artistic setting. Jez explains that, if TOW was some sort of answer to Fallout, Avowed will be Obsidian's answer to Skyrim and Oblivion, but with a more vivid and colorful world, full of green and lush scenery, caves illuminated by phosphorescent plants and so on. This does not mean, however, that it will be an unrealistic title, but simply that it will not have dark and decadent visuals.

Regarding the game systems, the RPG will offer first-person combat and deep narrative and exploratory systems, allowing more styles of play thanks to the possibility of impersonating different classes. There will be a two-handed combat system similar to that of Skyrim, which will allow us to wield two daggers in the role of a thief, use a bow, two-handed swords, swords in one hand and spells in the other, or even use both hands to be able to formulate the most powerful (but slower to summon) spells such as the fireball.

We can also enchant swords and arrows, to give electric, freezing effects and so on to our weapons, but it is also possible that pillars' firearms, similar to muskets and arquebuses, will make their appearance. Among the enemies we will find skeletons, the Xaurip similar to lizards but also live and dragons. According to the information collected by Corden, it seems that the environments will have a certain level of destructibility allowing us, for example, to burn passages blocked by wood through torches and fire spells.

For now the information released by the well-known journalist ends here: we hope to receive soon officers from Obsidian itself!