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Redfall: leaked some pre-alpha images and details on the Xbox exclusive of Arkane Austin

One of the most interesting titles coming to Xbox and game Pass in 2022 is undoubtedly Redfall, new title by Arkane Austin (Prey, Dishonored) announced at E3 that, with a focus on both single and co-op play, will see us fight vampires and other supernatural monsters in a modern urban setting.

Thanks to a user who posted on Reddit before being removed (probably a playtester of the title), we discover today some images of a very unripe version of the game and interesting details about the title.

The images obviously do not allow us to evaluate the graphic quality of the game since, coming from the early stages of development, they contain polygonal test models, graphics not yet finished and temporary assets, but we still have interesting elements such as the character management screen, where we notice clear RPG elements both in the management of load-out and skills.

More interesting, however, are the details released by the user, which make us understand some of the elements at the base of the game:

  • The setting is modern but with gothic tones. It is not a horror game, even if it is inspired by horror works: it is more similar to a Vampire: The Masquerade where, however, vampires are known to everyone and are present everywhere in the world.
  • The game will be open world with free exploration, with a main story that will lead us through all the locations but also with a myriad of secondary stories, missions and fights with random encounters.
  • The vastness of the map is comparable to that of Fallout 76 or Ghost of Tsushima, and there will be numerous quick travel points as well as shelters where we can stock up on weapons, ammunition and recover health.
  • The loop gameplay is very reminiscent of borderlands, but with Dishonored skills and powers.
  • It can be played alone or in co-op.
  • We can choose between six different characters,each with unique abilities: for example, one, the sniper of the group, has a crow that can use as a sort of drone, while one can make himself invisible to operate in a stealth way and another can make short leaps in teleportation similar to those seen in Dishonored.
  • The missions of the game can be carried out both in stealth and with leveled weapons,and we will earn XP for kills and completion of missions.
  • There will be boss battles.
  • We will find a mx of traditional weapons and some more creative, such as a stake-launcher for vampires.
  • Among the enemies we will find both vampiresand humans, and they will use both attacks from a distance and in melee combat.
  • There will be many secondary characters to interact with, but not AI-managed companions to replace co-op companions.

Obviously, although very plausible, this information and images are the result of a leak of dubious origin, so the recommendation is as always to take everything with pliers until official confirmation. We leave you below the pictures.