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Jeff Grubb: Microsoft and Kojima sign new title development deal

That something was moving, between Microsoft and Kojima Productions,was known as early as April, when the first rumors began to circulate:today the same author of those first rumors, the American journalist Jeff Grubb, revealed that the agreements between the two companies reached an important stage with the joint signing of a letter of intent preceding a more defined and binding contract.

In this letter, Microsoft and Kojima would engage in the development of a new title that would take advantage of the characteristics of the cloud (intended not as cloud streaming but as a network of servers distributed globally and exploitable by games) to create a project that the Japanese author has already had in mind for some time.

According to the agreement, Grubb explains, Microsoft would make available to Kojima all its technologies and knowledge to allow the designer to give full rein to his creativity.

At the moment, however, it is only rumors, although they seem practically confirmed: we are waiting for official announcements from Microsoft and Kojima!