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Sea of Thieves: A full-bodied trailer reveals season three content

The seas are in turmoil! With the release today of Sea of Thieves'A Pirate's Life expansion, the new Absurd Story developed in collaboration with Disney, Rare has released a new trailer that illustrates the various content that is introduced with Season Three. Let's find out in detail what awaits us for the seas of Sea of Thieves:

Surely the highlight is represented by the new Absurd Story called A Pirate's Life. This narrative campaign, consisting of five chapters,will lead us to new unexplored locations, in search of the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow,directly from the pirates of the Caribbean universe. During this epic journey, we will encounter new enemies, characters and explore unique locations, such as the mysterious Sea of the Damned, glimpsed so far by the Ferry of the Damned.

Prepare to face new threats, such as the People of Mermaids, Pirate Ghosts, and Ocean Creatures from the deep. To help us with these challenges, Rare has introduced a new Weapon: the dark trident, a powerful stick with mysterious power, from the submerged world.

Of course, the new season will also introduce a brand new Season Pass, as always consisting of 100 levels, filled with rewards, including 11 paid Plunder Pass exclusives, such as Weapons, Gold, Equipment, Emote, and Clothing. Two exclusive Rewards will be available for Legendary Pirates: a majestic polena and an elegant black dress. For all Pirates who want to descend even further into the atmosphere of Pirates of the Caribbean,they can go to the Pirate Emporium to get clothes, emotes, and pets, from the universe created by Disney.

Before you leave the content trailer, we remind you that the new update will be taken live on mondoxbox's Twitch channel on Thursday, June 24, at 9:00 pm! And remember... dead men tell no tales. See you by sea! ARRGGHH!!!

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