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Saber Interactive announces World War Z: Aftermath

Sabre Interactive has announced the development of World War Z: Aftermath for old and new generation consoles. It will launch in 2021 for Xbox One and follow in early 2022 on Xbox Series X/S with, of course, the necessary improvements to 60 FPS and 4K native.

The title is a zombesco-themed third-person cooperative shooter based on paramount pictures' box-grossing champion film and the evolution of the original World War Z success that captivated over 15 million players.

World War Z: Aftermath will support full cross-play, so old gen console players will be able to play with those in possession of the new consoles and with PC users.

We can join three other friends or play alone with the TEAM-mates led by THE AGAINST HORDES of hungry zombies in locations devastated by these ravenous creatures: Rome, Vatican City and the Russian Kamchatka Peninsula will be the backdrop to the story.

In early 2022, the game will receive further improvements and the horde xl mode, completely free. In this mode we will haveto face endless waves of zombies that are increasingly difficult to break down, there will be hundreds of zombies on the screen.

There will also be an Aftermath mode that will make us experience the game in a new perspective to the heart-pounding first person. Customize our weapons to survive any challenge and conquer new daily missions with bonus rewards.

Waiting for more details, we leave you at the announcement trailer.

MX Video - World War Z: Aftermath