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Rumor: four "Second Party" projects in development for Xbox, two of them very big

Of all 23 studios that Microsoft and Xbox can boast in the stable today, the most underrated isprobably Xbox Global Publishing,not a real development studio but the division that deals with financing third-party productions exclusive to Xbox, what are often improperly called "Second Party".

Titles such as Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Ori and the Will of the Wisps and the never-released Scalebound all fall into this category, being projects funded by Microsoft but produced by external studios.

The XGP division therefore has the potential to produce very interesting titles with studies that we would not expect: what will they be working on, then? A clue is offered to us by Windows Central journalist Miles Dompier, who on the GameOnDaily show revealed some of the information that the editorial staff of the well-known American site is in possession of.

Dompier explained that he and his colleagues are aware of four projects currently being worked out at Xbox Global Publishing,and none of them is Hideo Kojima's rumored project, which, even if confirmed, would fall under the XGP hat.

Of these four projects, three are tied to totally new IPs, so titles you've never heard of, while one is a spin-off of an already well-known IP. One of them is something that the journalist would never have believed possible, both in terms of gender and the developer involved. Two of the developing games are also referred to as "very, very large", and one of them is a title codenamed "Cyclone", which also seems to be the one later in development, and whose revelation should therefore be imminent (E3 2021?).

Dompier explains that " it'smade by a very cool team", and that it's a very ambitious interconnected world, a unique online multiplayer experience that's unlike anything seen so far. It's not an online shooter, it's not an MMO and it's nothing seen before, but something that will make history in its own right. Despite this, the team working on the title was never involved in mainly multiplayer projects.

And looking at some old tweets from the famous insider Klobrille, the authors of this project could be Avalanche Studios (Just Cause, Mad Max, Rage 2), since in the past they have published job advertisements for an "open world AAA multiplayer title" and who, in a specific ad, have looked for developers who have experience with Xbox tools.

What surprises will this section of Xbox studios give us? We hope to find out by E3 at the latest!