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Rust Console Edition arrives on May 21 and shows up in a new trailer

The Double Eleven studio today announced that the Rust Console Edition survival multiplayer will arrive on our consoles on May 21 in three different editions, including a physical edition and a special editionfor Day One that will be available in selected stores.

Here are the three different editions that you can pre-order:

  • Rust Standard Edition and Rust Day One Physical Edition (€49.99) includes the base game, with a pre-order bonus represented by a pack of tools and weapons from the future. Aspiring survivors who want the physical edition of Rust can also get these bonuses by pre-ordering the Day One Edition special from selected retailers.
  • Rust Deluxe Edition (€59.99) welcomes survivors with an appropriate welcome pack (worth $14.99) that includes the base game, three days of early access, access to the beta phase and builds in development, as well as the tool and weapon pack from the future.
  • Rust Ultimate Edition (€79.99) gives fans all the benefits of the other two editions, but also includes an updated/improved version of the welcome pack, with 1100 Rust coins (worth $10), an elite combat skin pack so you can look more threatening both in the eyes of newcomers and in the eyes of veterans.

Based on the hugely popular PC version, Rust Console Edition is developed as a new experience, separate from the PC experience and optimized specifically for console players. Here are some details released by the developers, followed by a new trailer and a set of images.

In Rust Console Edition, players wake up alone on a mysterious post-apocalyptic island, filled with industrial wrecks, destroyed monuments, and creepy researchers. Together with 100 other players you will have to decide how to survive in a world where everything constitutes a mortal threat.

Defeat hunger and thirst, resist the elements, make your own clothes and get safe against hostile forces like other players, scientists, bears, wolves, but you will also have to be careful not to die from fire, drowned or from radiation poisoning. In a no-rules game, Rust never tells you what to do. Players are free to be devious and aggressive to create intense player-to-player fights, between assaults and raids, but potentially it is much more useful to team up with others by traveling together. In the unreserved struggle for survival and power, players can build shelters in the forest or huge metal fortresses in an attempt to stay safe, while making a wide variety of weapons, bombs, and traps.

Rust Console Edition is not for the faint of heart: the game boasts a steep learning curve and a ruthless community of players. Be friendly with them, or kill them, the choice is yours. Players begin their adventure with nothing but a torr bed and a rock in their hands, looking for projects to learn to make new, more powerful weapons, armor, and all kinds of defenses, so as to build an arsenal that can increase your and your allies' chances of survival. Rust tests you with a barrage of challenges, but players can resist thanks to a large amount of fabricable weapons, and from the humble rock you'll come to wield a spear or bow, to much more lethal artillery such as assault rifles and missile launchers.

MX Video - Rust Console Edition