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Sea of Thieves at the peak of success: Peak players in January

It sounds incredible after the uncertain start of 2018, but it is: three years after its launch, Sea of Thieves is currently experiencing its most successful moment. Rare's Joe Neate reveals this in the latest video update on the game, stating that the title reached the highest number of unique players ever recorded in January, also recording the peak of connected players at the same time.

It's a remarkable achievement, showing how the pirate title enjoys excellent health, also confirmed by the fact that it has been consistently at the top of the Steamsales charts for months - arguably one of the most successful titles for Xbox in recent years.

Neate explains that these results only strengthen the trust of the team and Microsoft in the project: new developers have been hired to further enlarge the team and great news is coming thanks to the new season system: the developer explains that the greatest news has yet to come, and we are incredibly curious to find out what it will be!