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Destiny 2: Beyond the Light, launch trailer available

With the release now imminent, Bungie has released the launch trailer for Beyond the Light,the new content that will serve as a new beginning for the Destiny 2 SpaceEpic, bringing with it numerous novelties that will delight all players who have been plying among the stars of the popular FPS for years. But not only that.

Beyond the Light,in addition to bringing the world of Destiny forward on a narrative level,it will be a great starting point for new players, according to at least the statements of the development team. In fact, in addition to adding a new Campaign, two new destinations (the Jovian moon Europa, and the old Russian Cosmodrome seen in Destiny along with numerous new quests and characters, with this Expansion will be removed as many as five worlds (Titan, Mars, Me and Mercury) and the first three campaigns that have become obsolete and inconsistent with the current events that populate the world of Destiny(The Red War, The Curse of Osiris and The War Mind). This way new players won't be over-affected by too much content, and they can start their story with their friends. However, the Forsaken Campaigns and Shadows from the Deepwill still be present, useful to become familiar with the characters and events of the game world.

To know if this new starting point can bring new light to what is, in all respects, the saga that gave birth to gaas on console, we will have to do nothing but wait for November 10, the arrival date of Beyond the Light. In the meantime, let's enjoy the launch trailer: good vision!

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