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Xbox Series X S: Best Buy reveals the price of SSD expansion

Now that the xbox Series X and S preorder day has passed and we're looking forward to the November 10 launch, it's time to start thinking about any accessories to pair with the new consoles. One of the most useful is undoubtedly the proprietary SSD expansion disk, made by Seagate and which will increase the memory capacity of the new consoles by 1 TB.

Many are interested in this accessory, but they also wonder how much it will cost given the high costs of SSD NVMe media; Today, us's Best Buy,which has put the memory expansion up for sale at a price of 219.99 dollars.

If they were hoping for a more affordable price, the only one is to wait to see if they will also come out "commercial" replicas from other manufacturers. Please note that both new consoles also support regular USB 3.0 disks, but you can only use them to play backward-compatible games that are not optimized for new hardware, or as a "deposit" for your titles that you don't play them frequently, and then transfer them to your internal memory when needed.