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Twin Mirror: Dontnod's new adventure arrives on December 1

Bandai Namco today announced that Dontnod Entertainment's new adventure(Life is Strange, Tell Me Why) Twin Mirror will hit digital stores on December 1. The publisher has also released a trailer showing us how protagonist Sam Higgs can use his "Mental Palace" to reconstruct the events we will have to investigate.

As a former investigative journalist, Sam Higgs has developed many analytical skills represented in the game precisely by the Mental Palace,a place where players will discover the multiple aspects of his personality. Thanks to unique gameplay mechanics and the service of fiction, Sam's Mind Palace is a safe place, where the protagonist can be himself without any pressure or judgment. Players will be able to relive Sam's past and witness his memories during flashback sequences.

Sam's Mental Palace also plays a central role in his quest for the truth. Players will be able to analyze the environments and collect clues, thus simulating numerous scenarios to infer the course of events or predicting the key turning points of the story. Facing dramatic events and the ghosts of his past, Sam gradually loses control of this oasis of peace. In addition, he soon discovers that the Mental Palace does not really help him to face his fears or reconnect with his acquaintances.

And that's where the Double comes in. It's a figure that only Sam can see. An even more empathetic and social representation of himself. Sam can always count on this ally to guide through social interactions and explore a society that sometimes rejects singularity.

We leave you to the video: good viewing!

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