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Aeon Must Die fights arrive on our consoles in 2021

Focus Home today announced the brawler from the flashy anime style Aeon Must Die!, in development at the Limestone Games studio (but rumours are circulating about it, read below) and coming in 2021. The game is intended as an extremely tactical title with an RPG-like system that tracks "our behavior as warriors", and is characterized by a very original artistic style.

Before we leave the trailer and the game images, however, we come to the rumors about the development studio: shortly after the announcement of the game appeared on Twitter the news that, in June, the entire development team resigned due to a strong crunch (prolonged and prohibitive work hours) and the fact that many developers were not being paid for a long time. If this were true it would obviously be very unpleasant and repreetoble, and would pose a big question mark over the future of the game, the development of which should continue without the developers who designed it. However, as with all unconfirmed rumours, we await official news or at least an accurate check by important newspapers.

In the meantime we leave you to the announcement trailer and the first images of the game: good viewing!

MX Video - Aeon Must Die!