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As Dusk Falls: the Italian subtitled trailer for the new Xbox exclusive

One of the Xbox exclusives announced during the Xbox Games Showcase was As Dusk Falls,a narrative adventure from the new British team (created by Veterans of Quantic Dream)INTERIOR/NIGHT produced by Xbox Game Studios and coming soon on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X (with specific optimizations and 4K/60 fps support on the latter).

As Dusk Falls tells the story of two families who weave through decades of secrets, starting with a robbery gone wrong in a small Arizona town. As a dramatic narrative adventure, the choices we make in the game will have important effects on the story, outlining an epic storyline full of sacrifice, betrayal, and shooting ability.

After showing you the announcement trailer last week, we now offer you the subtitled version in Italian so that everyone can understand what is told in the video. Have a good look!

MX Video - As Dusk Falls