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The Tannenberg World War I FPS is available today

The M2H and Blackmill Games studios inform us that from today it is available on our consoles, priced at 19.99 Euro, Tannenberg, multiplayer FPS set during the First World War that faithfully reproduces the eastern front fights of the conflict with carefully reproduced weapons, uniforms and sound effects along with maps inspired by the real battlefields.

The battles in Tannenberg bring up to 40 players on the Eastern Front of World War I. You can face the Tsar of the Russian Empire, William II of Germany and several smaller countries involved in "the war to end all wars". The goal is to conquer key sectors and steal all of the enemy's victory points, but be careful not to be cut off from your headquarters.

Among the weapons are heavy artillery such as rifles, pistols and grenades, suffocating gas, while for close encounters there are bayonets and sabres. There are 7 teams with different roles and equipment, from the Russian Cossacks to the German Infantry. There are also lesser-known war-participating countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Austria-Hungary and Latvia.

Maps cover the territories across the vast eastern front, from burnt-out Polish villages and deep forests to the peaks of the Romanian mountains and Latvian swamps. In addition, the game's new Map of Austro-Hungarian strongholds was introduced for the game's console release. For 113 days, Austro-Hungarian defenders in the city of Przemyl resisted Russian troops before being forced to surrender. It was the scene of the longest siege of the First World War. In the game, Przemyl allows you to fight around large fortifications, weapons positions, and brick walls, in stark contrast to the vast battlefields of Tannenberg'smaps.

We'll leave you to the launch trailer and a set of images from the game: good viewing!

MX Video - Tannenberg