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NBA 2k21: Covers Revealed, Next-Gen Upgrade Plan Explained

2K has revealed in recent days the covers of the different editions of NBA 2K21; The standard version for the current generation will feature Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers, while the next-gen version of the game will show off the first pick in the 2019 draft, Zion Williamson.

These aren't the only editions of the upcoming title, however: the publisher also announced the Mamba Forever Edition dedicated to NBA star Kobe Bryant,who will replace the game's traditional Legend Edition. This version will also have two different covers, one for the current-gen edition and one for the next-gen edition.

And speaking of current and next-gen versions, 2K also explained the unique upgrade plan from one generation to the next. First we find out that buyers of thestandard edition for the current generation (expected for September 4) will not be able to upgrade it for free to the next-gen version when they buy the new console. This is reserved only for buyers of the more expensive Mamba Forever Edition,but if they switch to the new consoles, they will be upgraded to the standard edition instead of the next-gen Mamba.

Then summarizing:

  • Those who buy standard NBA 2K21 for Xbox One version.
  • Those who buy NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition for Xbox One versione standard version. If you want the Mamba Forever edition for the new console, you'll need to buy it back.

A policy that will certainly be a lot of debate, especially when many developers have already promised the free Smart Delivery upgrade of their games on the new Smart Delivery console. It must be said, however, that the next-gen edition of NBA 2K21 has been fully crafted specifically for the new consoles, so it will be very different from the one for current gen that we assume will be little more than a content and gameplay update of last year's edition.