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Milanese Antab Studio reveal comic cyberpunk shooter Foreclosed

The Italian studio Antab, already known for the retro-futuristic shooter GRIDD: Retroenhanced,has announced the development of the third-person shooter Foreclosed,featuring French-Belgian comic graphics and a system of "hi-tech powers" that complement the classic shooting mechanics of the game.

The game is inspired by sagas such as Deus Ex and Max Payne, as well as frank Miller E Geoff Darrow's stunning graphic novel Hard Boiled,immersing ourselves in a cyberpunk story (complete with Italian subtitles and texts)in which we can use the neural implant of the protagonist, Evan Kapn's, to allow him to use a state-of-the-art weapon and a rich tree of powers.

Foreclosed mixes video game interactivity and comic book graphics, along with a varied, super-technological combat system: thanks to the interactive cut-scenes and naturalness with which different gameplay styles alternate, the player will have the opportunity to feel like a true comic book hero.

These are the main features:

  • Interactive ComicsForeclosed combines video game interactivity with comic book aesthetics and graphics.
  • Hi-tech Combat – Modify your symbiotic gun and equip your favorite powers to manipulate the arena and fight the system.
  • No-stop interaction – interactive cinematics and a fluid system of transitions between different play styles will make you feel like a true comic book hero.
  • Firmware Upgrade – Discover and unlock new skills in your systems with an RPG-style skill system.
  • An Original Story – follow the misadventures of Evan Kapnes, whose identity has just been foreclosed, and to whom you have taken away the work, control over their facilities, and access to the city's Blockchain. Evan is forced to find an escape route before his implants and identity are sold at auction.

Now we leave you to the announcement trailer that shows us the gameplay, and a set of images: good viewing!

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