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Deliver Us The Moon is available and shows up in the launch trailer

Wired Productions and KeokeN Interactive remind us that from today the sci-fi thriller Deliver Us The Moon is available on our consoles for a price of 24.99 USD and included in Xbox Game Pass.

Deliver Us The Moon is set in an apocalyptic future in which the Earth has exhausted its resources and humanity looks to the stars. Nations come together to create the World Space Agency, an organization tasked with solving the extreme energy crisis. The solution will be the colonization and exploitation of Helium-3 nature reserves on the moon to meet the energy needs of the growing Earth's population. Suddenly, and unexpectedly, communications with the Moon cease and the energy source is lost. Years after this event, it will be up to us to go to the satellite to find out what really happened.

We leave you to the movie: good viewing!

MX Video - Deliver Us The Moon