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Sea of Thieves: Ships of Fortune update is online, here's what's new

If you're part of that host of players who love the taste of Grog in the morning, you've come to the right news, because Rare has decided to give a lot of work to all of you who for months, if not years, have sailed the seas of Sea of Thieves. The new update titled Ships of Fortunehas arrived, and it brings with it a lot of interesting news.

Let's start immediately telling you that this update is designed for those who have been plying the seas for a long time, perhaps coming to the long-awaited state of Legendary Pirate. This Update in fact raises the Level Cap of the three major companies of the game, taking them from 50 to level 75 (but to become Legendary Pirate will be enough as always to reach 50), and speeds up the level climb allowing you to become Emissaries of a precise Company once you reach level 15 in that company. You can be Emissaries for one Company at a time, but you can easily switch between them simply by "signing" a contract placed on a table next to each representative, whether it's the Golden Hunters, the Order of Souls, the Merchant Alliance, or the Legends of Athena.

As Emissaries you will then have access to new honors to unlock, Skin for the ship and above all a new flashy uniform, for each Company that allows access to the Emissary Grade (excluding The Bilingual Mice, Sea Wolves and the Hunter's Call).

If that wasn't enough, know that the Masked Woman's plans are finally ripe. Do you remember the Reaper's Sanctuary? Every month, construction work proceeded quickly, and finally it was completed. That's when Sea of Thieves welcomes a new Company, called Reaper Bones. As members of this dark Guild, your purpose will be to give the Emissaries a hard time, as they will be perfectly visible on the map to you, and hand over all their loot, including the Emissary flag recovered from the wreck of the newly destroyed ship. The Masked Woman asks for fire and blood, and you're going to have to give her plenty.

Another addition that the players demanded is the arrival of the Cats among the Pets, thus flanking the already present parrots and monkeys, with the possibility of dressing even our felines in the most absurd ways. This latest addition, however, can be obtained by spending Ancient Coins at thePirates Emporium.

In addition to Adventure Mode, interesting new features have also been introduced for Arena Mode. Now the treasure maps have been replaced by a single chest, which will be visible from all over the map and will be delivered to a specific location, so as to create furious PvP fights to secure victory.

Other little new features include adding The Absurd Stories icons to the game map, a new companion resuscitation system (both for Adventure and Arena), clearer markers on where your crew members are, and new game and interface bug fixes.

So what are you waiting for, Pirates? There is so much loot to claim and so much fire to spread to the seas of Sea of Thieves! Will you be Emissaries or Reapers? Will you build Guild Alliances, or will you be the bearer of Chaos? Freedom of choice is up to you, at least until Captain Flameheart makes his next move...

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