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Rainbow Six: Siege will come natively on Xbox Series X, will have cross-play with Xbox One

At the recent eSports Six Invitationalevent, the well-known Windows Central website got to chat with Rainbow Six game director: Siege Leroy Athanassof, from whom he got an interesting information: the game will arrive at the launch of Xbox Series X,the new Microsoft console expected by the end of the year, and not as a backward-compatible title but as a native game for the new console.

As we know, in fact Xbox Series X will be compatible with all the games that are already running on Xbox One today, so it was obvious that Rainbow Six: Siege would also be playable, but Athanassof specified that Ubisoft wants to bring it to the console at launch, thus suggesting that it will be a version developed specifically for the new hardware.

And if you're afraid of having to leave behind any friends who won't buy the new hardware, don't worry: the game director also revealed that the title on Xbox Series X will have the full cross-play with the Xbox One version,thus allowing players on the two generations to fight together or against one another.

In this regard, Windows Central asked Athanassof even if we will never see in the title a real cross-play that allows us to play with users of the other platforms, and the response of the director was that yes, the studio would love to implement this feature and is already ready to do so: so it's only a matter of time before it is released. Let's hope we don't have to wait too long!