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The Falconeer's fantastic raptor flies on Xbox in 2020

The indie publisher Wired Productions anticipated theX019 by revealing one of the titles that will be present at the event: the fascinating title of "air fights" (although not on board a classic aircraft) The Falconeer, so far announced only for PC and now revealed coming also on Xbox One, in 2020.

The Falconeer is set in a fantasy world in which we play a "Falconeer", a fighter aboard giant raptors armed with devastating long-range weapons. On board our birds of prey we will be able to explore fascinating and characteristic settings, fighting with the different factions of Falconeer that we will meet. Behind this fantasy face, there is actually a title of aerial combat that will see us engaged in tight duels, stunts, escapes and chases.

We'll leave you to the announcement trailer for the Xbox One version of the game and a set of images: good viewing!

MX Video - The Falconeer