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The new season of Apex Legends will start on October 1, the new Crypto Legend arrives

It will be called"Meltdown"(Fusion) the third and new season of Apex Legends,which Respawn has announced will kick off on October 1. There are still about ten days left for players to climb the Levels of the Battle Pass of "High Tension" and collect as many prizes as possible, before the current season is declared to be over.

The new season will bring as usual new skins and cosmetic elements aplenty, a new weapon (the Energy Charge Rifle), a new cycle of ranked games (with only a partial reset of the levels achieved), and above all a new Legend!

After Wattson, this time the mysterious Crypto,which will rely on surveillance drones designed to control the territory and conduct its own battle avoiding as far as possible the close encounters.

Of course the information provided is still at a minimum (except for the new regulation of ranked matches, which you can find at this address)and we will keep you informed of the details that will surely emerge in the coming days.

Meanwhile, Respawn has already published a new chapter of the video series "Frontier Stories", to tell us, with Italian subtitles, something from the past of the new Legend, also showing in action its particular skills: there let's leave it to this intriguing episode, good viewing!

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