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First images and rumours about the new Resident Evil

It didn't take long: it's only been a few hours since the"pre-announcement"of a new ResidentEvil, which already starts with leaks and rumors. The first comes directly from Capcom's YouTube channel, from which someone managed to extract some images (which we show you in depth news) of the Project Resistance trailer that will be shown on September 9.

The images show fourcharacters, civilians, never seen in the Capcom series and holding weapons. One of them, a boy, wears a college jacket with the word RaccoonCity, suggesting that the game will be set right in the very city where it all began. The images, according to some circulating rumors, would not be of a cGI trailer but rendered in real-time bythe RE Engine, the same engine as Resident Evil 7; it looks like the title will be a project intended for the nextconsoles, or at least cross-gen.

According to other rumors, it will also not be a classic Resident Evil but an asymmetrical multiplayer 4 vs 1title, in which four players will have to contend with a much more powerful fifth; on the style of Evolve and Dead byDaylight, then. And in fact the images would seem to corroborate this rumor, given the presence of the four armed civilians.

Of course, separate images that we have verified to be real, take it all with the benefit of the doubt, being unconfirmed rumors; we'll find out on Monday, September 9th how true you are! Now we leave you to the pictures.