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The Coalition Announces Gears Tactics Will Arrive on Xbox One

Rod Fergusson of The Coalition confirmed via Twitter the arrival of Gears Tactics on Xbox One. Unveiled at E3 last year, Gears Tactics was billed as an exclusive PC game but some clues, such as the inclusion in the list of titles with mouse and keyboard support on Xbox One, immediately hinted that the new strategic title would also land on console.

The development of Gears Tactics is entrusted to Splash Damage and the game is set twelve years before the events of Gears of War, two years after the emergence of the Locusts. Gabriel and Sid,along with a fully customizable team of soldiers, will have to reach and eliminate Ukkon,a monster-creating Locust responsible for the destruction of numerous cities. This new enemy was introduced recently with the new saga "The Rise of RAAM",which serves as a prequel to the game.

Exclusive features:

  • For the first time, Gears abandons tPS mechanics and reinvents itself in a real-time strategy.
  • Ability to customize your team: weapons, armor, and secondary characters.

It is currently unclear whether the Xbox One version of Gears Tactics will be released in conjunction with the PC version; What we do know is that like all Exclusive Microsofttitles, the game will be available at launch within the XboxGamePass.