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The launch of XIII sled to 2020

Publisher French Microids today announced that the remake of FPS XIII, inspired by the 2003 Ubisoft title that in turn followed Jean Van Hamme's popular Franco-Belgian comic, will no longer arrive as planned on 13 November but has been postponed to not better defined 2020.

The publisher explains that the reason for the slippage is the most common in these cases: the desire to give the developers more time, the PlayMagic studio, to refine the title to the best. However, you can get updates on the game soon: we will see it at gamescom in a private meeting with the developers, and we can then give you our first opinions on the title.

XIII casts us as a man framed on charges of murdering the President of the United States of America. At the beginning of the adventure we will wake up wounded and affected by amnesia on Brighton beach, and the only clues to our past will be a small key and a mysterious inscription in Roman numerals tattooed on the collarbone: XIII. We will then have to find the answers we are looking for over the course of the 34 levels of thegame. XIII is no stranger to action and shootings, and we will have a whole arsenal of weapons to help us with the search.